KITU KIDOGOS EVOLVEMENT - 25th January 2013 - Post by admin

Over the past few years there has been a massive increase in the demand for self catering homes. This worldwide trend has not skipped Diani Beach and it is keeping up with the market demand. There are a number of reasons as to why this option is becoming attractive for holidaymakers. Affordability is an important factor. It is cheaper for a family of four or five to stay in a vacation home than in a hotel. Travelers also want to experience local cuisine and the culture and staying in an all inclusive hotel will not allow for this. Villas and cottages in Diani range from budget, mid range to luxury. Kitu Kidogo Cottages niche market is mostly for the mid range traveler.  We are gaining a strong following from the NGO sector in Africa and have also seen a greater demand from kite surfers, honeymooners, expats and Europe’s professionals.  In addition to this we have also had a number of groups from China and we are hoping to tap into this market in a bigger way. There is an increase in enquiries from expats living in Dubai also.  The North American market is steady and definitely considered to be a huge plus to us. Kitu Kidogo has been evolving over the past four years. It was originally built as a home to live in. The owners left on a worldwide journey and rented it out on a long term basis. As the lease expired the next step was to try out short term. This was definitely a challenge! We were completely inexperienced in this industry and now looking back we are definitely proud of our accomplishments. There are lots of hotel like benefits we have introduced including safes, hair dryers, complementary bottles of water, flowers in vases.  At no point in time do we want our guests to feel not pampered but at the same time also ensure that their schedule is the only one that matters! Many guests ask what the future plans are? Expansion of course as demand far outstrips the supply! Many people ask us if we will continue with the winning recipe. Sadly Kitu Kidogo might be a “one off piece”. Balinese living is what we would love to offer guests next and we have some pretty slick designs up our sleeves. As designers we are extremely passionate about what we do and hope to create products that everyone wants to live in! This is what has made us successful in this industry.


What a week it has been for us in Diani. Diani Beach has been recognised as the top three beach in Africa on Tripadvisor. Although this has been reason enough for celebrations the news just kept on getting better. Two boutique hotels just a few minutes from Kitu Kidogo got slots in the top five for " best small hotels in Kenya". Taste it awards (Kenyan Version) is currently running their yearly competition. Ali Barbour's Cave Restaurant which is on the same plot as Kitu Kidogo has been nominated in the "best restaurants on the Kenyan Coast" category. Sails Beach Bar which is about a ten minute taxi ride away from us has also been nominated in the same category. Both places are unique in their own right and you should try to visit both restaurants while vacationing in Diani. The Cave has an unrivalled ambience. There are not many places in the world where you could have a three course dinner in a 180,000 year old coral cave. Sails Restaurant has a modern contemporary oceanside setting and is considered to have the best food on the Kenyan South Coast. The award winning hands on chef Luke Doig can be seen working in the open style kitchen as you wait for your meal. Forty Thieves Beach Bar has been nominated in the " Best Beach Bar" category. We are only a two minute walk away and it is the perfect place for you to relax at and catch the sea breeze! It is also where both tourists and residents alike hang out till the early morning hours as DJ Tony spins the latest tunes.

So we prepare for another glorious week with definitely alot of celebratory fever in the air! If the "Dianites" are glowing then you know why :)

Ali Barbours Cave Restaurant Sails Beach Bar Forty Thieves Beach Bar
Ali Barbours Cave Restaurant Image Sails Beach Bar Forty Thieves Beach Bar