Firimbi is a lovely two bedroom cottage made out of coral, wood and sandstone. The interiors are furnished with Swahili, Rajhastani and Southern African furniture and furnishings. Each bedroom has a beautiful handcarved four poster bed, hand carved mirror, Lamu Chair, console and an A/C unit. The bathroom has Brass taps and shower heads with handmade clay sinks. The kitchen has a fridge, microwave, stainless steel stove and oven, pots and pans, cutlery, crockery, knives, chopping board, serving bowls, salad spoons and a stack of recipe books to ensure that you can cook scrumptious coastal cuisine. There are handmade Ecuadorian hammocks tied to the casuarina poles of the verandah which are perfect for lying in during the day!




Sahani is a quaint one bedroom cottage positioned to maximize the Kaskazi (Sea Breeze). The cozy interior houses a kitchen, room, dhow wine bar area and an ensuite bathroom. The room has a beautiful handcrafted Lamu style bed, side tables, a writing desk, hand made Mahogany chairs and an overhead and stand up fan. The ensuite bathroom has a hand carved mirror, Botswanan clay sink and stainless steel tap and showerhead. The kitchen is fully equipped with a microwave, electric kettle, fridge, stainless steel stove and cooking utensils! The verandah is the dining and living space and is dressed in beautiful hand carved Mahogany furniture and Kikoy (Light Ethiopian cotton) furnishings.




Both Cottages are dressed down to fresh linen, shower towels, hand towels, pillows, sheets and duvets. In addition to that both Firimbi and Sahani have fresh water and a geyser for hot water! We have electronic safes in each cottage where guests can store their valuable items. Bathrooms have hair dryers! Guests in both cottages have access to free Internet! Loo paper is provided! Complementary one litre bottle of water is also provided on arrival.


We can provide a chef to make your holiday even that more perfect! The chef can not only cook delicious meals but also do all your grocery shopping! The cottages are located in close proximity to fresh and most importantly organic fruit and vegetable stands. Our house keeper Edith can organise local fishermen to come to the cottage with their daily catch for you to pick from.